Privacy Information


Privacy laws

Australia has one of the highest rates of identity theft among first world economies. One out of every three Australian has suffered financial loss, due to the fact that there persona l information has becoming available to people with unauthorized access.

The lack of enforceable penalties under the previous 2008 Privacy Act along with industry policies and procedures that had not been addressed under the act, has seen Australia fall behind in the prevention of classified information being accessed by parties with criminal intent.

However Australian politicians have at last realized that our Privacy laws are in need of a major overhaul with the introduction of the Privacy Amendment {Enhancing Privacy Protection} Bill 2012 which come into force in July 2013.
Under the bill this well bring Australia in line with America and Europe in the way information in manage and destroyed where 70% of documents are done by mobile shredders and breach notices and large fines have been issued to company’s and indivuals who fail to comply with regularity laws.